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Client Testimonials in Bryan, Ohio

"Dr. McCashen has been the most thorough exam I have every had and with my eyes (thick lens glasses since age 3 until I had cataracts removed and lenses implanted) I have been to a boatload of Optometrists and Ophthalmologists in my 54 years. He found the cause of constant headaches when I started (last doc had missed the center of my coke bottles by less than a pencil width and my eyes were fighting to pull to the proper centers) spends the most time with the severe astigmatism and other issues I and family have had. So much so I take the time to get there when I have vision issues. He has helped several shooters including some with advanced vision issues; Bullseye handgun shoots himself and has run IDPA if he can't do it you will be referred to someone who can BEFORE you dump a boatload of $$$."

- Mark